Additional Information
Loaded with fruit in summer of 2003. (001c)

Atreano is a superb golden-green fig, larger than Alma or Italian Golden Honey and with a similar light sweet flavor. The golden rose interior is juicy and makes a fabulous addition to summer fruit salads -- marvelous eaten out of hand. The fruit hangs well on the tree, although it should be harvested promptly when ripe for the best flavor. Fast growing, sturdy tree that produces large crops of juicy figs in midsummer. (016)

Accession No. 1-25 is the original and true Atreano. Accession No. 0-16 Originated from Rolling River Nursery and is not the true Atreano. It is larger and has a distinctly different color and shape. It is quite a heavy bearer, however. Accession 0-12 has been a slower grower, and is unverified as of 2009 season. The 1-25 accession, the true Atreano, was exceptionally attractive to birds in the 2009 season. (910) You're right about Atreano. Here, it is consistent but needs to ripen well to appreciate any flavor. There are better figs and I think the Agrigento is one of them. Personally, I use Kadota as the benchmark for flavor and sweetness I expect in a white fig. Ironically, the birds have never discovered my Atreano figs! (904)