Additional Information
USDA / UC Davis Accession Data
Similar to 'Brown Turkey', but higher sugar content. Fruit large, flat- rounded in shape. Skin deep purple. Flesh deep red-purple. (002)

A medium to large, purplish-black fig. Unusual for a dark fig since it has amber pulp. Brebas are pyriform with prominent neck; main crop figs are oblate to pyriform with a short, thick neck. Leaf: base cordate; 5 lobes; sinuses narrow; margins crenate. Very good flavor. Well-adapted in California. Apparently not hardy enough for the Eastern U.S. (006)

Large, red-brown skin, white to amber pulp. Seedling found in 1922. Has good breba and second crops. Good on coast and inland. (011)

Similar to Brown Turkey, but sweeter. Good spring and summer crops. [L]arge, somewhat flattened shape. (022)

Info on this variety from Sanders, Figs in Containers, Fruit Gardeners, California Rare Fruit Growers, Vol. 23, No.6, December 1991: Large, dark purplish-red flesh. Sweet rich flavor. Large open eye. Vigorous small tree. Prune severely. (049b)

Similar to 'Brown Turkey' but higher sugar content. Large fruit with purple brown skin. Flesh deep purple red. (089)