Black Genoa
Additional Information
This fig needs to be pollinated to set good crops of fruit. A J Downing says that the "fruit is long obovate with dark purple skin becoming nearly black. The flesh is bright red ; excellent flavor. A strong growing tree." Offered by Goodman’s in 1903 catalogue & still offered for sale by Daley's Nursery a popular backyard variety. According to Ikin in the NSW & Victorian state fruit collections in 1974. (Australia) (021)

[A] large sized fig with purple skin and dark red flesh. The flavor is very rich and sweet with fair quality. The fruit is best suited for fresh eating. This is a very vigorous and productive variety that is often seen growing commercially due to its high yields. The Black Genoa matures slightly earlier than Brown Turkey. (Australia) (032)

[Large Black Genoa?, Black Ischia?, San Pedro (Baxter), San Piero (Glowinski)] Large sized, purple skin, red flesh, sweet & rich flavor (Baxter 1981). Large vigorous tree, fruit large, skin purple, flesh dark red, very rich and sweet, but quality only fair. Not suitable for drying (Glowinski 1991). Still commercially available, Flemings. Brunning's 1914 and 1957 list Black Ischia as the common dark fig grown locally. Mont Albert #1.(Australia)(060)