Black Ischia
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Medium, black skin, reddish pulp. very prolific, has red buds. Good on coast. (011)

At Saharanpur, India, 'Brown Turkey', 'Bangalore', 'Black Ischia' and 'Lucknow' are successfully grown. Around Bombay, there is only one variety, 'Poona'. (019)

[A]n Italian variety. [M]ain crop is elongated pear shaped with many noticeable rlbs; short neck and short to medium stalk; large, 2 1/2 in (6.35 cm) long and 1 1/2 in (3.8 cm) wide; dark purple-black except at the apex where it is lighter and greenish; there are many golden flecks; skin is wholly coated with thin, dark-blue bloom; eye open, with red-violet scales; pulp is violet-red, of good quality. In the breba crop, there are few rlbs and mostly indistinct; the fruit is small, about 1 1/2 in (3.8 cm) long and of the same width at the apex; the pulp is red to greenish-amber; of poor flavor. The tree is particularly ornamental and the leaves are glossy, only shallowly 3 lobed. A heavy bearer. (019)

Ischia Black (Italy) , Medium, Black with Dark Center (2crops) (012)

Named after the Italian Mediterranean island of Ischia where this variety originated. Offered by John C Cole in 1867. Described as having medium sized fruit with deep purple, almost black skins. Flesh red, sweet and luscious.. A very handsome fig ". Crichton describes it as "medium sized turbinate fruit, flattened at the top. Skin deep purple black and flesh deep red and sweet, ripening a little after Black Genoa. Offered by Goodman’s Fruit Catalogue of 1900.Offered by W C Grey in 1907. Listed by Ikin in the NSW & Victorian state fruit collections in 1974. James Railton catalogue of 1880's states that this variety ripens in the second week of January in Victoria. (Australia) (021)

[Nero, Black Genoa?] Small breba crop, violet tinged pith. Main crop small to medium, oblique pyriform to turbinate, purplish black skin with dull bloom, pulp strawberry (Facciola 1990). Best purple fig, large and delicious, ripens middle January on (Shum 1950?). Still common in cultivation (Brunnings 1957). (Burnley 1896).(Australia) (060)

Ischia is an Island of the coast of Naples Italy. (910)