Black Mission
Additional Information
The favorite. Purplish-black skin, strawberry- colored flesh, rich flavor. Heavy bearing, long-lived, large tree. Coast or inland. Fresh/dry/can. (025) (034)

Origin Balearic Islands. Fruits all-over black purple, elongated, Flesh watermelon to pink, fairly good taste. Easily dried at home. Single best all-round variety for south, north, coast, interior. Brebas prolific, fairly rich. Tree very large, plant at maximum spacing. Do not prune after tree reaches maturity. Commences growth midseason. (023) (075) (026)

Originally from the Balearic Islands in Spain. Introduced into England in 1727. Introduced into California by the Franciscan missionary Fr. Junipero Serra who planted it at the San Diego mission in 1769. Fruits all-over black purple, elongated, Flesh watermelon to pink, fairly good taste. Easily dried at home. The brebas are prolific, & fairly rich. The tree grows very large and should not be pruned after reaching maturity. Widely available commercially in the USA but no known source in Australia. (Australia) (021)

[N]o good for espalier. (026) (026a)

Medium to large, pear shaped. Purplish black colored skin. Flesh strawberry color and good flavor. Good for fresh or dried fruit. Long lived, large tree. Drought tolerant and self fertile. Ever bearing through the summer. (039)

Large fruit with purplish black skin, strawberry flesh that is the taste standard for figs. The most productive variety, both of breba (early) crop, and heavy main (late) crop. For eating fresh or drying. Franciscan friars brought them to the California missions. (057)

The varieties most successfully grown here in Tucson are the ‘Brown Turkey' and ‘Black Mission' fig. Both are common fig varieties that do not require pollination to produce mature fruit. Black Mission produces larger, purplish-black fruit with excellent flavor, that can be eaten fresh, dried or canned. Only light pruning is generally recommended to provide a uniform shape and encourage good fruit production. Heavier pruning may be done to control size. (058)

Medium to large, pear shaped. Purplish-black colored skin. Flesh strawberry color and good flavor. Excellent, all-purpose fig. (059)

Medium-large, pear shaped, black-purplish skin, use fresh or dried. (062)

I live in East Texas and have had great luck with Texas Everbearing, Brown Turkey, Alma, Kadota and Black Mission as well as my favorite the LSU Purple. (931)

Taste standard for figs. Medium to large, pear shaped fruit with rough, purplish black skin. Sweet, strawberry-red flesh with a distinct rich flavor. Finest quality fruit is great for drying, fresh eating and canning. Heavy bearing, June through frost. [H]ardy to 10 degrees F. (076)

A purple black, huge, medium sweet, rich flavor fig. Quality is excellent. (936)

Black Mission JC appears to be Violette de Bordeaux or Negronne judging from the leaves, 2011. . (910)