Cape White
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USDA / UC Davis Accession Data
An early maturing medium sized fig; ripens in January in Adelaide in SA. Has a green skin and cream flesh. Compact tree. The fruit is used for jam. Listed in Ikin in the NSW, Victorian and Old. fruit collections in 1974. (Australia) (021)

[Blanche] Early maturing, medium sized, green skin, cream flesh, compact tree, good for jam (Baxter 1981). Baxter includes a photo of a small tree labeled Cape White. (Australia)(060)

Green/yellow skin with amber flesh. Medium pryiform shaped fruit. Habit: Large round top spreading tree. Figs will begin to bear fruit after 3-5 years. Size: 4 - 5 metres. Harvest: First crop or breba figs form on last years, growth and will not grow until spring. These ripen December- January depending on site and variety selected. Second crop figs form during the summer growing season and ripen in the Autumn, from late March to May. To enhance development of late crop figs tip the new shoots to 4 or 5 leaves in mid December. Breba crop, main crop early - February. [in New Zealand] (008)