USDA / UC Davis Accession Data
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The Var, Valley of Mediterranean Gapeau. Two crops. Productivity, strong premature (FF) with weak (FA) At the End of June in the end of July The Beginning of September in the end of September Very voluminous, yellowish skin with green veiné of purplish, flesh-colored red strawberry clearly Fresh sweetened, consummate flesh (FF), dried, excellent jam. [Translated from French](046)

Two crops. The largest: July; Then, October. Vigorous and productive tree. Large fig, almost black violet with maturity, stalk very short and purplished, pink flesh, very juicy, sweetened, recommended for fresh soup or in jam, supports well transport in spite of its fine skin, fruit of very good quality. (France)(043)

Two crops with the 1st harvest at the end of June at at the beginning of August and the 2nd harvest mid-August at mid-October. [Translated from French] (069)