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USDA / UC Davis Accession Data
[One of] Dr. Condit's varieties [which] came out of the breeding program at Riverside, Calif. and were selected on the basis of being crack- and split-resistant; most have a small eye. All have very high sugar content and are very resistant to decay. In addition to the varieties listed, there are several others that I have not included as they are still being evaluated. (011)

Large, yellow skin, yellow pulp, splits but doesn't decay. (011)

A large fig suited to the fresh market, greenish skin, very popular in the USA. (014)

Commercial US variety that is not widely available in Australia. . A late large fruiting variety with light green/yellow skin and amber colored flesh. (Australia) (021)

A Condit hybrid. In the trade, but apparently never officially released. (001b)

Like most Condit hybrids, it bears largish yellow fruit. Good flavor. Killed in 2001, (001c)