Additional Information
A very old Italian heritage variety praised by the Roman writer Pliny (23-79 AD). Fruit is medium sized with yellowish green skin; the flesh is amber, tinged pink at center; rich flavor. Small breba crop but good main crop. The tree is upright and needs an annual pruning to slow it's growth. Does better in a hot, dry climate. Commercially available in the USA but no known sources in Australia. (Australia) (021)

Native of Abruzzes, it carries different local names as Kadota, Fig of Abruzzes, Gentile, or still White Pacific in ÉtatsUnis. The leaves are average, of type 3 in 5 little marked lobes, and it has a very good capacity in the conservation. Used as well frîciche as sandbank or in jam, this Italian variety remains clear in full maturity. [Translated from French] (046)