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USDA / UC Davis Accession Data
Vigorous tree. Fruit elongated to the extent they hang like tear-drops. Skin purple. Flesh amber-colored. Very rich flavor. (002)

Leaf: base cordate to calcarate; eye often nearly closed; leaves: 3-5 lobes, latate. Excellent flavor and suited for all uses. Plants are vigorous, but do not seem to be particularly hardy. Good breba crop. Main crop ripens late. Well adapted in south coast and San Joaquin Valley, California. Deserves trials in the South. (006)

[O]ne of Dr. Condit's varieties which came out of the breeding program at Riverside, Calif. and were selected on the basis of being crack- and split-resistant; most have a small eye. All have very high sugar content and are very resistant to decay. In addition to the varieties listed, there are several others that I have not included as they are still being evaluated. (011)

Large, long purplish skin, pink pulp. Very firm when ripe. (011)

A greenish yellow medium-sized fig with violet stripes and amber pulp. Bred and re-leased by Ira Condit in 1975. Pyriform with a long, slender neck. Fine flavor. Plants are vigorous but not particularly hardy. Good on the West Coast. (004)

A shy bearer, but good quality green skinned fruit with pink flesh. (014)

Highly productive, violet-striped fruit with white flecks. Richly-flavored amber flesh, resistant to splitting. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. (025)

Skin and flesh colors: Violet stripes; amber. Widely adapted, producing well in both cool and hot regions. Average-sized figs are somewhat elongated. Tree vigorous. (022)

Bred by Ira Condit at Riverside, California in 1960's from a seedling of White Adriatic. Introduced in 1965. Has medium fruit that does not split with a long neck; skin is green purple with white flecks. The flesh is amber with a strong, fine flavor. Excellent all-purpose fruit. Good breba crop. The tree is said (by CRFG ) to be vigorous in California but needing 'no great pruning'. Listed by Baxter as a new fig variety in Australia being trialed at the Narara Arboretum, NSW in 1990. Currently available from Graham Brookman, Gawler SA but he lists the Flanders variety he offers as having "green skin and pink flesh" so it is probably a different variety. (Australia) (021)

Found by I.J. Condit, Riverside, 1965 as a seedling of White Adriatic. Medium, long neck, skin is brownish yellow with violet stripes, flesh amber. Strong, fine flavor. Excellent all-purpose fruit. Ripens late. Tree vigorous but requires no great pruning. For south coastal California, San Joaquin Valley. (075) (026) (026a)

Medium, long neck, skin is brownish yellow with violet stripes, flesh amber. Strong, fine flavor. Excellent, all-purpose fig. (059)

Mid-season, medium size, greenish-purple skin, pinkish-red flesh, good flavor fresh, under trial at Narara Arboretum, NSW (Baxter 1981). Pyriform fruit with long slender neck, skin light tawny with longitudinal violet stripes and white flecks, pulp light strawberry with strong, rich flavor, excellent fresh fruit for the home garden (Facciola1990).(Australia) (060)

Another Condit hybrid from Adriatic, released 1965. Excelllent quality. Rather unlike Condit's other productions since it is a striped fig with a long neck. (001b)

Rating of this variety by fig grower, Mr. Ray Givan, in Pomona, Vol. XXIX, No. 1, Winter 1996: Outstanding; sweet and very rich. (049b)

F4F Acc. No. 0281 from Dave Wilson Nurseries was excellent in 2013 season, getting enough heat for the first time. Fruit were large and very sweet, with a sweetness that lingers on the palette. (910)