Additional Information
GM-20 is most likely one of these 4 figs:

1) Maltese name: "tin ixheb ciatt" or "tin ta San Sidori"

A large broad red fig. The tree attains a huge size, with large well-lobed leaves, and is fairly productive. The fruit is very large, shaped like a Bourgeassotte, with a long slender stalk, and is very broad and flat. The colour is greenish fawn or rust, the skin having a fine circular netting. The flesh is yellowish red, thick and luscious, and very sweet. It is a fine table fig, and is also good for drying, but is too liable to the ravages of birds and of the fruit-fly and fig-fly perhaps owing to its excessive sweetness. Requires caprification.

2) Maltese name: "Tin ixheb tal meida"

A round red fig. The tree is large and vigorous, with leaves slightly lobed. The fruit has a round shape and is very short- stalked. The colour is ruddy shading to claret. The flesh is light red, rich and melting. It is a good table fig, but ripens too simultaneously, and is rather poor for drying. There is a form with very large fruits of fine appearance, with flesh of a lively red colour, but is of inferior quality. Requires caprification.

3) Maltese name: "tin ixheb tat- takdid"

The tree is large but growth is rather slow. The leaves are very deeply lobed. The fruit is shaped like a Bourgeassotte, but is of a greenish red colour, with red flesh of thick texture and great sweetness. It is much esteemed for drying, and often dries on the tree spontaneously, and is gathered dry. The tree is very productive and requires caprification.

4) Maltese name: "Tina ta Alia u Ommu"

A large dark red fig that is grown in Naxaro, in the locality known as "Alia u Omniu" and at Saline. The tree is very vigorous, with large long-stalked foliage, nearly entire. The fruit is large, or very large, shaped like a Bourgeassotte, with a reddish violet rind. The flesh is deep red, very sweet and luscious, with small seeds. This fig is used for drying, but is a good table fig, and does not require caprification.