Jurupa 248
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USDA / UC Davis Accession Data
A very large green fig with pink pulp and a medium-sized closed eye. Pyriform. A Condit hybrid selected by Julius Enderud. Good flavor. Under trial in the South. Somewhat hardy but tends to leaf out early--a negative point in areas with late frost. (004)

A huge green fig with excellent flavor. Very rigorous grower. (013)

A very large greenish yellow fig with amber pulp. The brebas are particularly large. A Condit hybrid selected and named by Enderud. Good flavor. (001b)

Relatively tender, but survived the winter of 1998-99. (001c)

My understanding is that Jurupa's parentage is a parthenocarpic caprifig (like Crosic) with Calimyrna parents crossed with Grosse Monstreuse Di Lipari. The crosses would have made by Julius Enderud of UC Riverside back in 1960-70 time frame. When the Fig Breeding program was closed down, portions of the germplasm were transferred to the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center. Enderud selected this seedling and transferred it to the Cultural Center for further evaluation and propagation. It is one of the best figs I have evaluated here in the San Jose area. It is very similar to Excel in quality but 30% larger. I ... kept the Jurupa variety from disappearing. The only tree I recall was at the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center and it succumbed to gophers. I got some cuttings back in 1990 propagated it up here in the San Jose area. (942)

Another Condit hybrid, originally selected by Julius Enderud. Jurupa is a very large green fig with a blushing pink interior. This seems to be a very fast growing fig, prolific with many stems and fruit! The closed eye protects the fruit in humid climates. Jurupa tends to leaf out early, so plan on serious winter protection if you are zone 7 or more northern. Reports are that Jurupa is reasonably hardy but look for a protected location. (016)