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USDA / UC Davis Accession Data
An excellent fig with an unfortunate name. Leaf: cordate, 3 to 5 lobes, upper sinuses shallow, crenate margins. Two crops. Brebas are oblique-pyriform with large, distinct neck, medium to large, green tinged with violet and dark strawberry pulp. Good quality. Main crop figs are slightly smaller, turbinate without neck or with a short one, grass green with light pink pulp. Sweet and rich flavor. Quality and size varies according to local climate. Brebas, for example, are good at Riverside while the main crop is bigger and better on the California coast. I have been looking for this one for five or six years and finally got a couple of plants from some cuttings Don Polensky of San Jose, California sent me in early January 1998. Synonym: Grosse Monstreuse de Lipari. (006)

Tree B-3-2 in the WEO orchard no longer exists, 2012. (910)