Additional Information
A very large fig. Purplish-black, lighter or even green towards the stalk. Numerous white flecks. Pulp is light strawberry. Turbinate-pyriform, sometimes oblique with a broad apex. Eye medium, open. Leaf: base cordate; 5 lobes, middle lobe spatulate, side lobes latate. Flavor is sweet and rich. Needs heat to develop good flavor and adequate sugar. Very good to excellent fresh; poor when stewed as it breaks up. Well-adapted in the Southwest and South. (006)

A large purplish black fig with light pink pulp. Turbinate-pyriform with a flattened apex. Eye is medium-sized and open. Very good to excellent flavor-fairly sweet and rich. Well adapted in the Southwest and South. (004) (Italy) Large Purple-Red (Wine Color) , Dark Center (2crops). (012)

Skin and flesh colors: Purple; strawberry. Grows well in most regions. More tolerant of cold than most fig varieties so recommended for marginal fig regions. This variety produces abundant crops of large figs at a young age. (022)

Excellent fruit. Reliable and hardy in south Georgia. (001c)