Uncle Corky's Honey Delight
Additional Information
Found in the back yard of Grandma Andersen's home in the Midway district in the early forties, my Uncle Corky (the late Lawrence Andersen) soon began propagating this wonderful fig by making cuttings for the rest of the Andersen family.

Occasionally Corky would bring a few of his trees into the Rosecrans St. nursery to sell. They'd be gone in a flash! People loved the figs!

The fig trees grew and produced two crops a year, usually in June and again in late summer, in late August or September. The flesh, amber in color, is sweet and succulent with a back- note of honey flavoring. The skin is a succulent greenish color [often referred to as white as opposed to the black-skinned varieties].

Many of these Uncle Corky's Figs, as we used to call them, or Corky's Figs flourish in the Point Loma area and now we have trade-marked them and they are available for everyone. The tree grows fairly fast and, in good soil, does very well along the coast as well as all other areas.

In its current incarnation, you will never be disappointed in the little fig tree that could could...it's now all grown up into the Corky's Honey Delight Fig, the name is an homage to both our beloved Uncle Corky and the wonderful flavor of the fig produced by this great tree. This is one great fig and will convert even seriously non-fig-loving folks! Try it and you'll never eat any other fig!


From a sign at Walter Andersen Nursery, Point Loma, San Diego, California