White Adriatic
Additional Information
An early fig suited to cooler areas like the Adelaide Hills, one crop which ripens February, medium to large fruit, brownish-green skin and pink flesh, excellent fresh and very good for jam. A spreading tree. (014)

[F]orms into a large tree. The fruit is a light greenish-yellow with an attractive deep-pink flesh. The flavor is excellent, the pulp being a light strawberry red. Performs well in warmer areas and is well suited to drying. The fruit matures in February and March. (Australia) (032)

(Verdonne, Adriatic, Grosse Verte, Nebian) Thin brownish-green skin (Brunnings 1914). White skin, red flesh, ripens in February (Schum 1950). Italian variety, "filled with strawberry jelly", small breba crop has light chartreuse skin, later main crop is blushed with purple. If pollinated the flesh turns a bright ruby red. Vigorous tree, leafs out early so subject to spring frost damage (in California where used in dried fig industry), has the largest leaves of any variety (Brennan 1995). Mid season, medium large, brownish-green skin, pink to red flesh, excellent flavor, eaten fresh, spreading tree (Baxter 1981). Fruit somewhat hollow at the centre, good for drying (Facciola 1999). (Burnley 1896). Still common in cultivation (Lord 1957). SC. (Australia)(060)

Medium round fruit with pale green skin going nearly white when ripe. Rich sweet flavour. Strawberry coloured flesh. (089)