What is new at Figs 4 Fun

January 2020


It is my hope to be able to make periodic contributions here which reflect my ongoing experiences and experiments with figs.

As a starting place, I have finally completed uploading pictures of the new fig orchard planted at USDA/UC Davis taken August 2018. The trees, as a group, can be seen HERE and all of the tree and fruit pictures have been integrated into the VARIETIES PAGES.

I have begun processing and uploading the pictures taken at Encanto Farms Nursery in 2019, including many varieties which fruited for the first time. I have about 3 dozen completed.

Lastly, for now, is a picture of my Uttaree Raajah fruit, one of my latest seedling trees. This is a later season fig with a fruity flavor and a light caramel finish. I was also excited about the white color of the outer flesh which contrasts with the red center. White seems to be an uncommon color in a fig.

An excuse for an experiment.

I have always wondered what would happen if you just sawed a tree off and let it regrow, and a way of shortening an overgrown tree. I had a seedling caprifig that I was going to remove (it was a caprifig taking up space, afterall). So I repurposed it as an experiment.

It was more than 10 feet tall, and I cut is back to about 4 feet.

The trunk is 2" in diameter.

The final result.

This spring we will see what happens.